Answer to LUNAESCENT questions.

  • Apply skincare products without contamination

Fingers cause contamination! The Food and Drug Administration has warned that “cosmetics can become harmful to consumers if they’re contaminated with harmful microorganisms, such as certain bacteria and fungi.” The most common way such a contamination happens, according to FDA, is through “consumer use, such as the need to dip fingers into the product.”

Even well-cleaned fingertips are not sterile and can transfer germs and bacteria into skincare products, and consequently onto your skin.

Lunaescent’s elegant and unique function is to provide a method of applying skincare products without the use of fingertips, thereby preventing waste, contamination, unwanted absorption, and other problematic issues. Lunaescent can be used with a variety of skincare products such as lotions, oils, or serums intended for beauty, medication, or skin-protection purposes.

  • Apply sunscreen during outdoor activities without oily hands or need to wash

Applying sunscreen while playing sports is problematic. Sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, sailing, rowing, and more require a secure and non-slippery grip. Many outdoor sport enthusiasts get around this problem by using spray sunscreens or carrying a wet towel to wipe their hands after application. These attempted solutions are not ideal. Especially, spray sunscreen can be detrimental to eyes and lungs.

Lunaescent solves this issue seamlessly. Simply apply sunscreen to the pad, divide it up on your face or intended area, and rub in. The result - no oily/slippery hands and a better sports experience.

  • Apply medicated creams and lotions without unwanted absorption

Applying medicated creams and lotions, such as topical steroids, can lead to unwanted absorption through your fingertips. Great for parents of young children or caretakers for the elderly.

  • Replace other popular beauty tools

Beauty tools such as gua sha, various massagers, and jade rollers --which come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials--make dramatic claims of impact on users' skin. In truth, the science behind these claims is simple: The physical act of massaging skin with the aid of a lubricant (such as beauty oils, serums, etc.) assists blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Lunaescent replaces these other tools by effectively and gently achieving this same effect. It has a pivoting head which pivots to a maximum of 10 degrees to glide over the contours of the face, and around the corners of the eyes and the nose, but is stable enough to allow for the user to apply a firm but comfortable pressure to help with lymphatic drainage. The massaging textured pad is ideal for helping with blood circulation and can be stored in the freezer for a soothing and cooling massage.

Lunaescent is a universal beauty tool that cuts through the hype and follows the science. Lunaescent's two non-toxic and reusable pads allow you to: 1) apply skincare products without the germs and the mess, and 2) massage and revitalize your skin by simply swapping the smooth pad for the textured pad. It saves you time, money, and precious counterspace.

  • Healthier and more radiant skin

Lunaescent prevents germs and bacteria getting into your skincare products reducing skin irritation and breakouts. This results in healthier and more radiant skin.

  • More effective skincare products

Bacteria causes degradation of expensive active ingredients rendering them less effective. Lunaescent helps preserve the potency of active ingredients leading to more effective results.

  • Less pronounced wrinkles and lines

Massage skin areas such as the forehead, around the eyes, or around the mouth using Lunaescent's massaging pad with your favorite beauty oil to see significant benefits:

1. Nourish your skin's surface by moisturizing and promoting blood flow to the area, and

2. Relax underlying face muscles for reduction of frown and smile lines. Noticeable results without injectables or medical intervention.

3. Promote lymphatic drainage and depuffing by massaging the skin in an upward motion to help with removal of the interstitial fluid which builds up under the skin and leads to a puffy appearance.

Lunaescent was designed for direct application of skincare products to the silicone pads. Some skincare containers, however, cannot be applied directly because they are too small. That's what the spatula is for! Simply use the spatula to scoop the skincare product from the container and apply it to the Lunaescent pad. You can now apply the product to your skin!

The Lunaescent Spatula is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Lunaescent is very easy to maintain. Simply wash with soap and water after use and let it air dry or dry with a clean cloth or towel.

Every week, remove the silicone pad and separately wash with soap and water or place in the utensil basket of your dishwasher for a full clean.

Please note that the Lunaescent applicator (handle) is not dishwasher safe.

Some active ingredients such as Vitamin C might slightly discolor the silicone pads over time. This will not affect the function of the pad. However, if you wish to replace them, we offer pad replacements in sets of 2 smooth or 2 textured pads.

Yes. One of the benefits of Lunaescent is that the user can focus application of the medicated cream or ointment to desired areas instead of risking absorbtion of additional amounts through their fingertips.

If applying medicated creams or ointments on others (such as parents, or caretakers of the elderly), the medicine can be applied safely and hygenically without any absorption into your own skin.

Many mineral sunscreens contain Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Avobenzene, etc. These ingredients are designed to act as a physical barrier against the sun and give our skin a white sheen when applied.

Typical application of suncreen is by fingertips. However, this causes a lot of product to get absorbed in the fingers, or simply to get wiped away. Lunaescent removes such unwanted absorption and wastage!

But be careful! Lunaescent is so efficient compared to fingertips that it may feel like there is excess sunscreen that is not being absorbed. In reality, the skin can be fully protected with far less sunscreen product. Lunaescent can result in genuine savings in wasted skincare product.

The best way to apply sunscreen with Lunaescent is to place a small amount on the pad, divide it up by dabing different areas of your face and then rubbing it into your skin. You can always add extra amounts if you feel your skin can use more product. After a few sessions, you will learn how much product is needed to cover your face - not your face and fingers.

Yes, the pads can be placed in the freezer for a cooling and depuffing massage. Frozen pads can also be placed on the eyes for reducing under-eye bags and puffiness.

Yes. Lunaescent's oval shape is specifically designed to move smoothly around eyes and nose. Simply turn the handle horizontal so the oval tip matches up with the corner of the eye or the nose. Proceed with applying the product into those areas.