At Clean Skin Labs, we believe in unique solutions to everyday problems. Founder, Raana Kashani Gregg, developed LUNAESCENT (pat. pend.) as a distinctive tool to 1) address problems with applying skincare products, and 2) improve on the design and function of existing beauty tools such as gua sha and jade rollers. LUNAESCENT's exclusive touch-free design is the culmination of extensive testing to provide the user with the optimal beauty routine experience.

Until now, skincare products have been applied using fingers – mainly to the face and neck, but also to other skin areas. This is true of beauty skincare products (often expensive creams, lotions, and serums), medicated skincare products (steroids and other prescribed and over-the-counter ointments and lotions), and protective skincare products (sunscreen, zinc oxide, etc.). But fingers are a problematic application tool for many reasons:

Fingers can contaminate skincare products with harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Bacterial growth can lead to the degradation of active ingredients rendering skincare products less effective, or even unusable.

Applying contaminated skincare products can lead to skin problems such as acne, discoloration, and scarring.

Fingers needlessly absorb skincare products intended for the face, causing wastage and expense.

For medicated products, absorption into the fingers can unnecessarily and inadvertently deliver a higher dosage than recommended.

Using fingers to apply lotions and sunscreen can be messy and unpleasant, especially when hand-cleaning is difficult (such as at the beach or while driving).

Raana’s son was diagnosed with severe food allergies and eczema as an infant. This diagnosis was followed by many years of application of steroids and other medicated creams to treat her son’s sore skin. Raana soon experienced adverse and substantial reaction to the medication on her fingers and hands. She tried using latex gloves but they would smear and waste the medicine. She tried cheap silicone brushes that were too flexible to effectively rub in the product, and she worried about their safety and toxicity. Near the same time, Raana herself started experiencing extremely dry skin which she managed with a multi-step routine of serums, lotions, and oils. Her parallel experiences with these skin issues led to the “eureka” moment that inspired the design and development of LUNAESCENT.

LUNAESCENT is a simple and elegant tool that allows for:

  • Smooth and efficient application of any type of skincare products, makeup, sunscreen, and medicated creams
  • Extending the use of expensive skincare products by eliminating waste through absorption by fingers and hands
  • Preventing product contamination that can lead to degradation of active ingredients and loss of efficacy of expensive skincare products
  • Massaging, depuffing, and exfoliating of skin with a soft and hygienic tool that is effective without being harsh on the skin