I Call It My Zen Moment!

I Call It My Zen Moment!

I never thought about it when I was designing Lunaescent, but Lunaescent has been good for my mental health! Like most people, I come to the end of my day with an uneasy feeling that I did not have a moment to slow down and check in with myself.


Now with Lunaescent, that moment of sinking realization has become a moment of quiet reflection and meditation.


The chores are done, the kids are in bed, and I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on my night-time skincare products. I have a skincare routine that I have perfected throughout the years through consultations with my dermatologist and which through trial and error has proven to work best for my skin.


I start with my Niacinamide serum. I put couple of drops on the smooth Lunaescent pad and gently rub it all over my face. It’s a nice, soothing feeling on my skin and my mind starts to wander.


Next, I put retinoid lotion on my Lunaescent. It goes on smoothly and now I’m reviewing the day in my head. Have I scheduled the mortgage payment? Did I make an appointment with the accountant for income tax preparation? I’m by now moving to my moisturizer. A small pump is sufficient to cover my entire face.


I used to do two or three pumps when I used my fingertips but now one pump is almost too much. Make a note to call the orthodontist for my daughter. It’s time for the last step in my routine – applying beauty oil to seal in all the moisture. This is the favorite part of my routine. It feels like a gentle message for my skin and my soul. It’s like the Savasana or the final resting pose at the end of my occasional (not frequent enough) yoga routine. It brings everything together and it gives me a nice glow when I wake up in the morning.


These musings have become so often that I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a notebook on my bathroom counter to record them all. I have jotted down ideas for the novel that I’m always thinking I will write, I have put down bits of poetry that pops into my head, I’ve even wrote down couple of new inventions I’m thinking about.


Lunaescent gives me a moment to myself. A moment to stop, think about my day, be grateful for all of it, and find new resolve to deal with everything that tomorrow will bring.