How Do You Prevent Slippery Sunscreen Hands When Playing Golf???

How Do You Prevent Slippery Sunscreen Hands When Playing Golf???

Most golf experts will tell you that the foundation of a solid golf technique is the correct grip. However, experts often disagree as to what golf grip is correct. Some insist that the secret is a neutral grip like Tiger Wood’s. Others insist on a strong grip like David Duval. However, everyone agrees that slippery hands are fatal to an effective golf grip. No matter your grip style, slippery/oily/greasy hands reduces the friction and feel required to grip your club properly.


Golf is played on meticulously-maintained courses with beautiful scenery and often little shade from the sun. This is why sunscreen and golf go hand-in-hand. One of the most frequent question golfers post is how to apply sunscreen during a round without ending up with greasy and slippery hands, especially when there are no mid-course washing facilities. Golfers have come up with various unsatisfying techniques to fix this problem. Some liberally apply sunscreen at the beginning of the round and just pray they don’t get sunburned. Others use spray-sunscreens, but these are being phased out as unhealthy and bad for the environment. Still others take a wet towel and use it to wipe their hands after application. But all of these methods are cumbersome, ineffective, and even harmful.


Lunaescent is a perfect life hack for applying sunscreen while playing golf! Applying sunscreen with Lunaescent is as easy as 1-2-3:


1. Apply your desired sunscreen to Lunaescent’s proprietary pad,

2. Dab the sunscreen into different parts of the intended area of skin, and

3. Rub it into skin with smooth circular motions.


No fingers, no germs, no mess! Lunaescent leaves you with protected and healthy skin. Now go enjoy a beautiful day on the golf course.