Holiday Beauty Tips with Karim Orange

Holiday Beauty Tips with Karim Orange

Holidays are a great time of year to put your best face forward. From gatherings with friends and family to office parties, there are endless occasions to wear a bit of glam. Don’t know how to create the perfect smokey eye or pick out the perfect lipstick shade? No problem! We asked Emmy-nominated makeup artist and clean beauty product expert Karim Orange for

simple, foolproof tips.


Makeup: by Karim Orange for Gabriel Cosmetics

Photo: by Damon Hall Booth Model: Mariah Murphy

Is there a universal makeup look for holidays:

Karim: I would say yes and no. Everyone has a different style, taste, and skin tone, so there is never a universal look when it comes to makeup for any occasion. We tend to see more glamorous makeup during the holiday season, with women attending more parties. A smokey eye is always classic when applied correctly. The eyeshadow rule for this is deep to light (no matter what color smokey eye you choose). The deepest color is placed on the lid, the medium color in the crease, and the light color under the brow bone.

If a smokey eye is not on your agenda, try a red lip that works best with your skin tone. This is the universal holiday accent for every age or completion during the holidays.


Flawless skin is also a holiday fav! Make sure you have at least one pro facial at the beginning of the holiday season. Keep your radiant skin going and glowing with proper skincare. To prevent breakouts and skin sensitivity issues, apply with the LUNAESCENT touch-free applicator (this is also a great way to apply liquid and cream foundation flawlessly).


Karim Orange is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist and clean product specialist. Her work has graced the face of countless celebrities. Elle Magazine has called her a 'Green Star'. She is also an urban farmer, digital nomad, and writer who currently contributes to Hello Giggles.